Dogs and Holes

January 14, 2013 in dogs, Family, random by nmikkelson

Wow! How fast did last week go? I mean really…. I literally had to stop and think about last week and all that occurred. One small thing did happen last week that caused a small hiccup in my carefully planned out day, which then consumed me for the majority of the following 24 hrs. You see friends, I have this problem. I can’t just drive by a lost animal…it tears at my soul-seriously, I am not being over-dramatic in the least. We have Brandy because I couldn’t just let her go and last Wednesday, I turned into our neighborhood and I saw a man who was riding a motorcycle, kneeling next to it, holding on to a dog. Of course, I was going to stop. I thought maybe the man had hit the dog, but it turned out that he was trying to grab her. As soon as I saw those sweet little eyes, I knew this was the puppy that I had seen wandering around the neighborhood for about 2 months and could never get her. Ready for the heart wrenching part? She was so skinny, you could see the outline of her ribs and she was carrying her leash in her mouth. She was so sad.

This is the poor little girl on the street when we got her:



To make a really long, story short- my parents have her and are nursing the sweet little girl back to health.

Here she is now…meet Sophie:


We have a large desert area right near us and we are now realizing that this seems to be the place where cold-hearted, thoughtless, horrible people come to “drop off” the pets that they no longer want and then the poor souls just sit there and wait for their people to come back to get them. I’m sorry, but people like that should be severely punished and so help me if I catch someone doing this- I know people, I really do and they will be so sorry.

Anyway, sorry for my Sarah McLaughlin commercial. Moving on….

Lots of fun things happening around here.

For starters, I got my Erin Condren planner in the mail- it is AMAZING! I really love it and I bought the super cute colored pens so I can color code everything too! BIG day!



My Shaklee 180 kit came! Wahoo! Gonna lose some of my badonkadonk….


Oh and my little girl lost her first tooth. Here’s the story: Delaney was in bed for an afternoon nap with a million barbies accompanying her, along with the bucket o crap that goes with the millions of barbies. She and Brody took a really long nap, Eric and I were watching the football game, Delaney, very calmly, comes out and sits down and smiles. I saw the hole, but thought maybe it was food-that apparently looked like a hole and then did a double take. I made her come to the light and sure enough-hole. She immediately started to cry and confessed that she was trying to take a Barbie shoe off with her teeth and her tooth flew out. Eric found the tooth in her bed and we made sure it was all there and stuff (gag) and then of course, took a picture.

Please excuse the closeness and nose full of dry boogers:


We told her about the tooth fairy and what the next step is in the tooth losing process and although she was excited, she did not jump for joy with the thought of the tooth fairy coming into her room-creeped her out. So, we left the tooth on the table and when she woke up, the tooth was gone and a dollar bill was in its place. She looks different now. It’s like in the nap-she grew up. Not too sure I am ready for that.


So there are ya go- some highlights from the past week. CRAY-CRAY.



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Have an awesome day!!