DownEast Basics: WINNING!

February 25, 2013 in reviews, shopping by nmikkelson

When I originally started blogging….way back when….it was so my out of  town family and friends could keep up with our growing family. Little did I know how much I would grow to love it and the opportunities that it would present.  I love my little blog and it is changing and growing daily, which is exciting and scary all at the same time. One of the coolest things about blogging is the virtual friendships that you make along the way. Recently, I was able to meet and work with ( by work with I mean, she patiently explains things to me and then helps me fix them when I screw them up) Becca  from Our Crazy Boys. Love this girl. She is awesome, her blog is awesome and she loves margaritas-so you know she rocks. I’m very grateful that she has taken me under her wing, so to speak. Well I think she has….I may be in my own little fantasy world, but that’s ok. Recently, she invited me to a blogging mixer at the cute, trendy store DownEast Basics. Have you heard of it? Well, I had heard of it, but had never been. So the deal was….shopping, with grown ups, no kids, at a cute trendy shop with big time bloggers. Um…..I was stoked! And ya know what’s cool? I went with Becca and Nicole- two big bloggers with little ol me!


When we walked into DownEast Basics, we we immediately greeted with fun colors and prints, oh and two very bubbly sales girls. The manager, Emily, is the cutest thing and I just happened to have gone to high school with her. we cheered together:)

It was such a cute store- I didn’t really know where to start. Becca was raving about their jeans so I found some to try on along with a super cute tank top! The colors and patterns were absolutely adorable. I was walking around thinking about where I could wear the outfits!

(Sorry for the blur…these were taken on my iphone and these bloggers were in a hurry to shop)





Two more bloggers that I only knew virtually came along with my good friend, Anabelle.  Michelle and Courtney both assured me that their leggings were amazing and I had to get some. I have never had good luck with leggings before… My legs usually like an overstuffed sausage casing, but I decided to give them a go (I love them btw). The great thing about DownEast Basics, besides the adorable clothes, is the affordable price. Plus they have an incredible clearance section! I can spot the clearance section in a store the moment I walk in…it’s in my nature.




I am LOVING yellow right now! If they made yellow sweatpants- try to hold me back. Just kidding, babe. Sorta. But seriously, how adorable is this outfit? It makes me want to put it on, go to church, meet my girlfirends at a lovely bistro for brunch and then go shopping for more yellow clothes and then buy a bouquet of daisies.


The store is more like a boutique and not overwhelming with clothes….and it doesn’t smell like feet ( like a certain other store I love) so that’s a big plus for me.

This is my all time fav outfit in the store. I would wear this lots of places…such a great Easter dress. I did not buy it however, because I did not think it would be appreciated just being worn around the house- although I could rock it while doing dishes…maybe I’ll go back.


I am so  happy that I was able to go to this mixer. It was so fun! I will definitely be shopping at their store again-soon in fact:)


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Have you ever shopped at DownEast Basics? What is your favorite color to wear?

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Have an awesome Monday!


Fine print: In exchange for attending the event, DownEast Basics provided me with compensation. All of the opinions are mine and mine alone.